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The Every Student Succeeds Act helps states and school districts reduce the overuse of exclusionary discipline practices, a key factor in the school-to-prison pipeline.

  • State plans must address support for local educational agencies to improve school conditions to enhance student learning, including through reducing the overuse of discipline practices that remove students from the classroom
  • Local educational agency plans shall address support for efforts to reduce the overuse of disciplinary practices that remove students from the classroom, which may include identifying and supporting schools with high rates of discipline, disaggregated by subgroups of students
  • State and local funds may be used to implement programs, such as PROMISE programs, that aim to reduce exclusionary discipline practices; implement school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports; and expand access to coordinated resources for school-based counseling and mental health programs, such as school-based mental health services partnership programs
  • Charter school funding applications (equity plans) must address reducing the overuse of discipline practices that remove students from classrooms
  • Data will continue to be collected on measures of school quality and climate, disaggregated by subgroups of students, including rates of:
    • In-school suspensions
    • Out-of-school suspensions
    • Expulsions
    • School-related arrests
    • Referrals to law enforcement
    • Chronic absenteeism (including both excused and unexcused absences)